Mondrian (Influences)


Don Farrell - Markings II - 2004 - 137 x 175 cm - 54 x 69 in - mixed media on canvas

Markings II is not directly influenced by Mondrian’s painting as I am very familiar with his work. I know his process was part of the seed which generated my “Markings” series and at this period of my development, influences of many artists come into play. Tapies and Fontana are also present in this series.

This comes from studying the masters from an artist’s perspective, rather than from an academic perspective. What I mean is to say is what notable artists have in common is a discipline in direction, which established a recognizable feel to their work. A Matisse is a Matisse!

An artist who understand this, studies the thought process of other artists. It is this dedication to process which lead them to establishing their individual visual language. Focusing on their techniques and subject matter will not lead you to a level of understanding an artist should strive for.

Piet Mondrian - Pier and Ocean - 1915 - 85 x 110 cm - 33 x 43 in - oil on canvas