Wyeth – (Integration)

Andrew Wyeth - Glass House - 1991 - 20 x 27.5 in - watercolour and drybrush

This gorgeous high key painting is wonderful, Wyeth was truly a master of light as well many other considerations.  And I will confine this post to his elegant integrations.

Lets begin with how her head integrates with the vertical elements behind her, particularly the verticals connecting to her forehead and to the back of her collar.  Can you feel how the structure supports her confident posture?  Another connection is how the vertical mullion connects with her knee and how the front of her leg parallels the window sill. Fantastic!

There are two more examples which show us how sophisticated integration can be.  The first is how the shadow behind continues across her body and then on to the bottom right of the painting.  Oh how lyrical integration can be in the hands of a master.  The other brilliant integration is how the birds connect to the trees in front and behind her resulting in a harmony for her dress.

I should mention how the shadow running down the bottom right is supported with a parallel shadow at the left and how the horizontal mullions integrate with her eyes.  There are more for you to discover and I hope you can see why Wyeth is considered to be a great visual poet!

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