My Work – Spatial Considerations

Don Farrell - Special Place - 2000 - 34 x 52 cm - mixed water soluble media on paper

The seed of this painting was the feeling of the space between the chair and the collection and sorting of the black objects, which are intentionally open for interpretation.  This is more interesting for the viewer.

I usually begin compositions by dividing the space which, in this painting, are the bands spanning the background.  I have now quickly established a rhythm of horizontals which is the foundation of the composition. I was very careful with the rhythmic vertical movements of the chair, the triangles and the floating shape to ensure they will not compete with the horizontal movements.  The primitive animal form appeared, to my delight, after the triangles found their way into the composition.

I was very careful not to loose sight of my initial consideration, the feeling of the space between the chair and the white square, and I don’t mind saying that I like it very much.  The warmth of the chair also feels right, as I wanted it to relate to the white cloth but not dominating.

I think a successful painting is a combination of knowledge of composition and play.

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