Don Farrell - Black Drawers - 2006 - 53 x 73 cm - 21 x 29 in - mixed media on paper

Providing rhythm in a painting.  Now that is a very open consideration, very subjective and without limits.  Now having said that, I should say, spatial considerations are at the forefront in my work.  Therefore the reductive process becomes very important.

In this painting, the primary rhythm is based on three.  The three drawers and the supporting three inverted “V” marks on the wall.  The lines on the table and a series of horizontal lines on the wall are rhythmic as well.

I brought up pulls the other day and this painting has a great one, the white circle shape on the wall.  Do you feel being pulled from the drawers to the circle?

I should also point out the vertical line in front of the wall just right of the table. This is a continuation of the rhythm of the lines on the table.  Do you sense a plane in front?

Thank you Cezanne!

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