My Work – (Painting a Consideration)

Don Farrell - Direction V (Moving Square) - 2008 - 137 x 137 cm - mixed media

In this painting I was exploring how to provide movement with a square within a square which was an interesting challenge.  I reworked this painting many times before I had the feeling of achieving my initial intent, which finally appeared with the two parallel lines and the sense of an arrow at the right of the painting.  I hope you can feel the integration of the lines in the square with the two parallels and how they pull you towards the arrow and then beyond.

Movement is the subject, or in other words, this painting is about something rather than of something and the viewer provides the movement!

This is truly a wonderful open challenge for artists to explore.

One thought on “My Work – (Painting a Consideration)

  1. Don, this painting, square within a square speaks to me…I appreciate how you take me, the viewer, away with your allusion to movement. Moreover, the sense of play is always carried through in your work. Subtle repeated motif and texture is well executed! Makes me wish I could see it in person. Best regards….Lori ( we met during the abstract workshop)

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