Van Gogh – (Harmony)

Vincent van Gogh - Portrait of Doctor Paul Gachet - 1890 - 66 x 57 cm - 26 x 22.5 in - oil on canvas

There is so much to appreciate in the wonderful painting by Van Gogh.  And I would like to talk about some of his very sophisticated considerations, such as temperature ratio, integration, parallels, and his superb value assessment.

Lets begin with temperature ratio, or if you prefer, harmonizing warm and cool colours.  An artist is always presented with this is very interesting consideration.  When are the colours in harmony or when do they compete?  And painters have to rely on their senses to determine the difference.

In this painting the ratio between cool and warm is beautifully balanced.  Having the background and his coat very similar in temperature, is very sophisticated, and permit the warm colours to sing!

I love how sensitive the values are in the face and hands  Van Gogh took great care with not permitting the details the disrupt the shapes and their temperature.  Superb visual poetry!.

I will continue in the next posting

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